Rock River Baseball League

10/23/2014 - 2014 Rock River Hall of Fame Inductees

Congrats to the 2014 Rock River Hall of Fame inductees shown below. They will be honored at this year's Old Timers Banquet on Saturday, November 1st at the Lions Hall in Clyman.  


2014 Hall of Fame Inductees
Ron Rose - LeRoy, Mayville
Josh Stoffel - Brownsville
Norb Dornfeldt - Mayville
Tim Mommaerts - Clyman
Steve Zgonc - Clyman
Posthumous Inductee
Mitch Hackbarth - Hustisford
Rock Diamond Award Winner
Neal Kohlhoff - Clyman

Hall of Fame Bios

RON ROSE – 65, is the owner of LeRoy Meats and lives outside of Mayville.  Ron was a player/manager for LeRoy from 1970-1982 and managed Mayvile from 1982 until the team folded.  Ron was a right handed pitcher and outfielder for these teams.  Ron enjoyed just being able to keep the small town teams going.  The fans were great in LeRoy.  The following was so great; they generally had more fans than the home team they played!  Ron’s humorous incident occurred during a game at Horicon.  “Greg Woik said, Rosie, why don’t you do the Babe Ruth thing and point your bat at the centerfield bleachers – not to anyone’s attention.  So I did.  The first pitch from Dittburner I put in the centerfield bleachers.  We talk about that one a lot.”  Ron’s top opponents were Fritz Goebel, Dennis Vanderbush, Jim Gantner and Tom Walsh.

JOSH STOFFEL – 37, is the owner of Badger Baseball Academy and lives in West Allis.  Josh was a third baseman and pitcher for the Brownsville 49ers from 1996-2011.  Josh had two top achievements in his career that h e wanted to mention.  First of all was winning the RRL championship with Brownsville and the league MVP in 2010.  Secondly, that he played in 14 consecutive and very fun filled RRL All Star games.  Josh had two humorous incidents during his playing days.  One was when Brad Tagliapietra fouled a ball off of home plate and directly into his nose.  The second was watching Paul Van Lannan (PV) catch against Madison LT in the NBC Tournament.  PV was using an old cup that he found in the catchers’ equipment bag, stuck it in his unders and after two innings, took a ball directly off of the family jewels.  On Josh’s all opponent team were Cory Klemmens, a pitcher from Pardeeville, Doug Gonring of Kewaskum – although he only faced him for three years, he was a very tough out and the entire Oakfield team – a very tough win to get especially when it was at their field.

NORB DORNFELDT – 68, is retired and lives in Mayville.  Norb played outfield and first base for the Theresa Pioneers in the 1960’s and the Mayville Merchants in the early 1970’s.   Norb said “basically I was a utility player.  Being associated with the Rock River League for over 50 years as a player sportswriter and field announcer is my achievement.  Also I was called on to pitch for an inning in relief for Mayville.  I did strike out Mark Rohde.  You would have thought I just won the Cy Young Award!”  For humorous incidents Norb mentioned two things.  His first year with Theresa in the preseason they lost their intrasquad game!  They had just got new uniforms and he ran through the outfield fence going after a deep fly ball.  He ripped the uniform to shreds but never did catch the ball.  On Norb’s all opponent team were Mark Rohde, a catcher for Horicon, Gordie Steinbach, a first baseman for Mayville and Dave Finke, a pitcher/first baseman for Mayville.

TIM MOMMAERTS – 41, is Assistant Principal at Waunakee Community High School and lives in Sun Prairie.  Tim was a Shortstop, second baseman and centerfielder for the Clyman Canners from 1988-1992 and 1995-2008.  Tim was a substitute from 2009-2011.  Tim felt his greatest achievement was being able to play a full season of baseball in the Rock for over 20 years and then be a sub for a few years after that.  He is proud to have been able to be a committed player and a good teammate from when he started at age 15 through his very last game at age 37.  He is extremely thankful for the support of his many teammates throughout those years as a member of the Clyman Canners.  One of the most bizarre incidents was in 2088 when a teammate stated that if Clyman won the Rock River League Championship that summer, he would eat Tim Fitzsimmons’ mustache.  As luck would have it, the Canners won the Championship that year and the teammate (we’ll keep him anonymous for now) followed through.  Within minutes after the game, Fitz was shaved while seated on a chair at home plate and his mustache was consumed.  Tim felt that their where too many good players over the years to mention just a few.  His best memories were competing against the talented Hustisford Astros of the 80’s the Watertown Cardinals of the 90’s and the many solid Rubicon teams of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Those teams were always ready to play and always up for a challenge.   

STEVE ZGONC – 52, work for River City Distributing and lives in Watertown.  Steve played outfield for the Clyman Canners from 1981-1992.  Steve felt he was an average hitter and a decent outfielder who liked to throw out runners.  He threw out multiple runners at all bases including first base.  Having the Canners go through an undefeated regular season was also a great achievement.  For his humorous incident, Steve mentioned a game in Neosho when he hit a home run on a very high hanging curveball.  It went pretty far.  On my way to home, there was only one player there to greet him.  It was the Neosho pitcher.  He said “that was awesome!”  Steve said “I guess my teammates weren’t as impressed”.  Hustisford and Watertown were Clymans biggest rivals.  Kirk Kaul of Hustisford was always the toughest opponent on the mound and at the plate.  Dale Nehls of Hustisford was always very good.  Scott Pompe of Watertown was hard to hit.

NEAL KOHLHOFF- 64, is Production Manager for Kusel Equipment Company and lives outside of Juneau.  Neal played centerfield and DH for Clyman from 1966-1994.  Neal was also the Business Manager and ran the concession stand for Clyman for about 12 years.  Neal played for 28 years and was runner-up for the batting title once.  He led off a game against Gary Schwefel of Lebanon as a 16 year old and hit the first pitch out of the park   Chuck Selchert reminds him every year of the time he hit into 4 double plays in a game against Hustisford.  It would have been 5 but there were two outs when he batted the last time.  Every ball was hit right to the shortstop and he barely got out of the batters box because the balls were hit so hard.  Neal’s top opponents were Don Held and Gary Schwefel of Lebanon and Jim Pirkel of Watertown.